Rhiem Group www.rhiem.com

The RHIEM Group is an owner-managed company based in Voerde, Germany.

What began in 1958 as a print shop in a family home has developed into a global service provider with partners in North America, Asia and Europe. The RHIEM Group consists of five distinct companies: RHIEM Druck GmbH, RHIEM Services GmbH, RHIEM Intermedia GmbH, CAPREO GmbH and RHIEM Branding Solutions GmbH. The group’s German headquarters operate from premises with a floor space of over 40,000m². The company has a 320-strong, highly motivated workforce and operates eight partner sites in Asia and North America.

Since the establishment of Rhiem many decades ago, Rhiem has developed together with its clients, meeting the ever changing needs. Rhiem constantly offers their partners innovative products and services that enable them to remain competitive – with great success for both parties. Many leading brands are now opting for reliability, perfection and fast service from RHIEM.

Süd-Afrika MagazinSüd-Afrika Magazin www.sued-afrika.de

SÜD-AFRIKA (‘South Africa’) is the high quality, German magazine regarding the main topics travel, economy and lifestyle in the regions Southern Africa and Indian Ocean.

Concentrated and intensely researched information, photo features and exciting reports get wanderlusty people up to speed. Whether you seek information regarding planning a trip, purchasing a property or great South African wine – since 1996, SÜD-AFRIKA brings the South African joie de vivre to Germany.

Rheinfels Quelle www.rheinfelsquelle.de

Rheinfels Quelle Gourmet – Naturally, also with Wine

The high-quality GOURMET range from Rheinfels Quelle, the strong premium brand from North Rhine-Westphalia, is an ideal companion to wine and food. You can choose between the two mineral water types Rheinfels Quelle GOURMET FEINPERLIG (Gourmet Fine Sparkle) with discreet carbonic dioxide and NATURELLE without any carbon dioxide. Both varieties are pleasantly mineralized and taste outstandingly fresh.

The quality and special purity of the Rheinfels spring is repeatedly confirmed in independent tests. In its most recent mineral water test of August 2016, Stiftung Warentest (German consumer organisation) ranked the water from Walsum as one of the products to be recommended without restriction.

But what is the secret of this constant quality? An elaborate scientific study in 2014 produced an astonishing result: the mineral water of the Rheinfels Spring is at least 25,000 years old. This means that a mineral water from ice age is still extracted here today. Unencumbered by the influences of our modern times, it has been able to preserve the perfect purity of its origin.

Rheinfels Source. Perfect in origin.

Recommended by DEHOGA Nordrhein.



Logo_LionsclubLions Club Voerde www.lions-voerde.de

‘We Serve’ is the motto of the Lions Club International because its members are committed to putting the concerns of others above their personal profit. ‘You won’t get very far until you start doing something for others’. This was the philosophy of Melvin Jones who founded the Lions Club in Chicago in 1917. It has since become an international organisation that is dedicated to living together in peace and harmony. Voerde, too, has a Lions Club for more than 25 years now. It is committed to people all over the world, but also in front of its own door – wherever help is needed. At the South Africa Wine Festival, the Lions Club Voerde treats visitors with delicious homemade cakes. The proceeds go to the organisation Hope Cape Town that takes care of children that suffer from HIV/Aids and tuberculosis and contributes to improve their daily life and quality of life through numerous projects.

Cape Brewing Company www.capebrewing.co.za/

Cape Brewing Company – also known as CBC – is a Craft beer brewery in Paarl, South Africa, that makes its own beers from finest ingredients with a distinctive character. Using the most modern and reliable equipment possible with the greatest skill.

Foto: Christian Verhoeven (www.verhoevenfoto.de)

Christian Verhoeven www.christianverhoeven.de

Christian Verhoeven works as an independent photographer in Voerde since 2012 and operates for several big companies. His diversified portfolio reaches from science photography about (company) portraits, reportages and documentaries to weddings and events. During the South African Wine Festival, Christian Verhoeven is also on the way to catch atmospheric impressions.

Amarula-Partner-LogoCape Amarula www. amarula.com

Amarula Cream captures the whole fascination of South Africa in the glass. The full-bodied and soft cream liquor is produced from the golden yellow fruits of the Marula tree which are harvested only once a year per hand. Guests can enjoy it at South Africa Wine festival.