Terms and Conditions Events of the CAPREO GmbH

1. Conclusion of Contract, Cancellation

The offer for closing a contract is initiated by the customers by pressing the so-called ‘Purchase Button’ respectively the otherwise clearly labeled button according to German law, § 312j, paragraph 3 BGB. Only with the allocation and transmission of the transaction number / order number via XING, a contract between the customer and XING in behalf of CAPREO GmbH comes into existence. Deviating hereof, when choosing the payment type ‘advance payment’, the contract comes into existence with the successful charge of the bank account of the customer with the complete payment amount.
There is no liability for the correctness of the data contained in CAPREO GmbH’s online presence.
CAPREO GmbH shall be entitled to cancel an order placed by the customer for which a transaction number / order number has already been allocated (unilateral right of withdrawal) if the customer violates specific terms and conditions established by CAPREO GmbH, to which reference has been made in the context of advance sales, or if these are attempted to circumvent and / or open claims from the previous business relationship with the customer exist.

2. Right of Withdrawal and Return

There is no distance selling contract according to German law, §312b BGB.
Insofar as services in the area of leisure activities are offered on behalf of CAPREO GmbH, there is no distance selling contract. This means that there is no two-week right of revocation and return. Every order for admission tickets is thus binding immediately after confirmation and obligates the customer to accept full payment for the tickets ordered.

3. Protection of Privacy

The personal data of the ticket purchasers will be collected, processed and used in an automated procedure to the extent necessary for the execution of the contract, in compliance with data protection law. CAPREO GmbH is entitled to pass on the data to natural or legal persons who carry out the contract for the event visit on behalf of CAPREO GmbH.

4. Resale of Tickets

The resale of purchased tickets at a price higher than the final price indicated on the ticket is prohibited. Commercial resale is not permitted. Violation of these terms and conditions will result in the loss of access authorization to the respective event without compensation. The tickets lose their validity.

5. Picture/Sound Recordings at the Instigation of the Organizer

The ticket purchaser or holder acknowledges that picture and sound recordings can be made by the organisers at any time and expressly approves this by purchasing the ticket. He or she also authorizes the user to make these images perceptible via a transmitter or the Internet or other modern means of communication.